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Pro/Solutions USA is a professional engineer consulting firm. Pro/Solutions USA offers the highest quality services , primarily, in mechanical engineering. Our engineering services include all of the technical services associated with product development. We provide professional mold fabrication and design, rapid prototyping, 3D product animations, and all forms of machining services.

With highly motivated, talented, and experienced professional team members, our mission is to stay at the competitive edge of "customer satisfaction".

Pro/Solutions USA is capable of offering services in all aspects of product realization process. This includes identification of customer expectations and detailing of product goals/specifications that reflect "the voice of the customer"; Product design and development assistance using modeling, simulation, and analysis; Product development test and production verification fixture design, build, and operational assistance.

We meet all your product design, development, and related engineering needs by utilizing the best methodologies, technologies, tools, and practices in the world.


Machining Solid Modeling Testing CFD & Finite Element Anlaysis
Machining Solid Modeling Testing CFD & Finite Element Analysis

Industries served

Aerospace & Defense

Automotive & Transportation

Industrial Equipment Fabrication 

Components Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Materials Manufacturing








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